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"During a botched deal to sell both the Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub the same shipment of deadly rathtars, Chewbacca was shot in the resulting firefight by one of the Guavians pursuing them. [sic] Escaping into the Millennium Falcon, Han and Rey scramble for the cockpit, leaving Finn to discover first-hand that there's no amount of bedside manner that will soothe a wounded Wookiee."
— In-game description

Wounded is a Common appearance for Chewbacca in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It costs 5,000 credits or 150 crystals.


This skin is based on Chewbacca's bandage he receives in The Force Awakens after he is injured in a firefight against criminal gangs when smuggling rathtars with Han Solo.


  • The skin adds only a white bandage to Chewbacca's right arm.
  • It is the first Common appearance in the game that is not a default appearance for the heroes and villains.
  • The in-game description is actually inaccurate; the rathtars were being smuggled for King Prana. Han Solo and Chewbacca had made deals with and taken loans from both the Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub, two rival crime gangs, to capture and smuggle the rathtars and had failed to pay back on those loans, leading to the firefight in The Force Awakens when both gangs confronted the two smugglers.


Han Solo Season Update

  • Added description.

Night on Endor Update

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