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The Wrist Blaster is a rapid-fire blaster, very similar to Blaster Rifles, but is built directly into the wrist of the Super Battle Droid. The Wrist Blaster has a slightly lower rate of fire than Blaster Rifles, but does more damage per shot to compensate. The Wrist Blaster, just like the Blaster Rifles, will become an Elite Wrist Blaster after obtaining the Frenzy Award. When you get the legendary status of the Frenzy Award you can use it anytime.


The Wrist Blaster has 250 ammo and without reloading can do five rounds. Don't be misled by what the beginning paragraph says, this rifle often becomes very annoying because of its high fire rate, especially that the AI-controlled enemies can have really crazy behavior and they become almost impossible to hit at such a range, thus the main rule of using this gun is to not get nervous while firing it.