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"Are you picking anything up, Loo Two?"
— Red Four

The X-Wing VR Mission is a downloadable VR mission created by Criterion Games for DICE's Star Wars Battlefront. It was released on December 2016 and is exclusive to the PlayStation VR.


This mission follows a Rebel Alliance X-Wing squadron known as "Red Flight" and their mission to extract Bravo One, a U-Wing, from the planet Wobani.

Players have the option to choose a male or female X-Wing pilot, although they play just the same.


  • Turbolasers offline
  • Every day
    • All of Red Flight survives
    • 500 credit reward
  • No deaths
    • Complete the mission without dying
    • 1500 credit reward
  • Protector
    • Bravo One survives with more than 50% shields
    • 2000 credit reward
  • Clear skies


  • The player's X-Wing has the Speed Boost ability in addition to its standard Shield and Proton Torpedo. The Speed Boost is usually reserved to the more nimble A-Wing.