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Blast door of the temple exploding.

501st Journal -- Yavin IV: "Revenge of the Empire"[]

By the time we landed on Yavin, whatever shock we'd felt at the destruction of the Death Star had been replaced by anger. For months we'd treated the Rebellion like a disobedient child, only to be repaid for our tolerance with treachery on an unimaginable scale. Frankly, I don't remember much of the fighting. I guess we won.


From Imperial officer.

1.) "Okay, you all know the mission. The rebel base is located in that ancient temple over there. Our first job is to take the rebel command post located in the ruins of that stone fountain up ahead."

2.) "Our next objective is to capture the command post under the viaduct. Gather your forces. It will be a tough slog."

3.) "Nicely done. Now rush to the reflecting pool. It will make a good staging area for the assault on the temple."

4.) "The Rebel counter attack can start at any second. Defend the reflecting pool with all your might."

5.) "Well defended. Now it's time to breach the security door on the temple. A unique breaching bomb has been left at the point marked on your map. Retrieve the bomb from the dropoff location and place it near the temple security door. The bomb has a ten second timer. So you better start running as soon as you set it."

6.) "There they are! Decapitate the rebel command!

ACCOMPLISHED: "Vengeance is ours, men. The spirits of our fallen brothers will sleep soundly tonight."

Ending Journal[]

After the battle, the surviving members of the 501st finally caught their breath. The Empire had taken the Rebel's best shot and come up standing. Now it was our turn to strike.