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Yavin Prime and Yavin IV in the 501st Journal.

501st Journal -- Yavin IV Orbit: "Vader's Fist Strikes Back"[]

When the Death Star was destroyed, about half of the 501st Legion was still in the hangar getting to their ships. Of those who made it out, another third were caught in the explosion. I'd fought with some of those men for over twenty years. Afterwards, those of us that survived hooked up with a nearby Imperial fleet making a retaliatory strike on the Rebel's base on Yavin IV. It wasn't the best thought out plan, but we were cut off from our leaders, tired, and operating on instinct. If not for our training, we probably would've never gotten past their orbital defenses.


From Imperial officer.

1.) "Their heavy transports are trying to go around us. Destroy them before they can jump to hyperspace."

After two ships were destroyed:

"The rebels are attempting to send their forces off to wreak havoc in other parts of our galaxy. Destroy them."

2.) "Their frigates are harassing our fighters. Show them no mercy."

3.) "Pilots, if they are allowed to make the jump to hyperspace, they'll rip right through us. Clear their fighters out and be quick about it. We haven't any time to spare."

ACCOMPLISHED: "Well done pilots."

4.) "We need to clear a path for our frigates to cover you. Use a TIE Bomber to destroy the heavy targets."

5.) "Now get off to those engines, men. They can't jump if they haven't any engines."

ACCOMPLISHED: "Victory is ours, men. Dispatch the 501st to the planet's surface. Yavin IV will fall before the day is done."

Ending Journal[]

And so the battle over Yavin came to an end. I'm told we destroyed hundreds of Rebel ships that day. Even if it had been thousands, it wouldn't have made up for the Death Star.