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Z-6 Chaingun
Z-6 Full
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Galactic Republic

Weapon Details

Infinite Shots

Rate of Fire:

? shots per second



Available only to the Clone Commander class of the Republic, or the Rail ARC Troopers of Kamino, the Chaingun is a large shoulder-worn weapon, which is particularly effective, and indeed intended for attacking infantry, especially droids.

Even though the weapon takes a moment to charge up and will overheat after prolonged firing, the Chaingun gives its user an immense level of firepower on the battlefield. The amount of time taken for the weapon to charge and re-charge, however, makes it difficult for the user to risk prolonged engagement with the enemy. On the other hand, the sheer firepower of the weapon compensates for this in most instances, as few enemies can withstand the number of blaster shots it fires, even hero units. Furthermore, a Chaingun user should always switch to another weapon, or head for cover while his Chaingun is cooling down. This however, is somewhat inconvenient in certain environments, as cover is not always abundant. Also, while the Blaster Pistol carried by Clone Commanders can be used against single opponents, it cannot be used for prolonged fighting, except for in the case of the Precision Pistol, which provides the player with a potentially lethal combination of weaponry.


  • The in-game Chaingun is a shoulder-mounted variant of the Z-6 Rotary Blaster cannon used by ARC troopers and Clone Heavy Troopers.
  • The Z-6 is used by any unit in Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron by the customisable infantry. It costs 40 credits, making it the most expensive weapon in the game. In the aforementioned games, it causes a reduction in movement speed when fired.
    • In the two mentioned games, the Chaingun pairs up well with the Personal Shield Generator, which costs 25 credits, as it blocks all incoming damage, effectively compensating for the movement speed reduction inflicted by the Chaingun.