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"Zabraks hailed from the planet Iridonia, though a small colony - known as the Nightbrothers - lived on Dathomir under the rule of the Nightsisters. Collectively they were distiguishable through the vestigal horns that crowned their heads, and facial markings made up of thin lines that the Nightbrothers would embellish with dark tattoos as a rite of passage.
Strong willed and defiant, the Zabraks fought against the Empire's escalating attempts to subvert them. Rather than surrendering, many joined the Rebel Alliance, fearlessly fighting their oppressors.
— In-game description

Zabrak Rebel 01 is an appearance for the Rebel Alliance's Specialist class in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is listed as a Rare Appearance, but is free, and automatically unlocked for all players. This skin has 6 variants, which depend on the map.



Battle on Scarif Update

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